By Jason Newell: 

We here at Partisan Cheese want to offer up a different type of blog. Rather than solely rely on opinion based inferences, we want to present the reader with historically accurate information in order to draw parallels between Dystopian themes, like Orwell’s novel 1984, and pressing issues facing this nation and the world. It’s simple: every week, we will extract pertinent themes from Orwell’s masterpiece, 1984 – and other dystopian writings – to highlight contemporary examples of total government control coming to fruition. Why Dystopian themes you may ask? Well, given the current world makeup in regards to its technologically-centric mindset, it permits government to intrude to varying degrees. Thirty years ago, the government would need to sift through paperwork and tangible evidence to combat external threat – nowadays, it’s as easy as following an individual’s Facebook likes, comments, interests, and locations. Basically, users of social media and email services are throwing up a lob ball pitch to the federal government. We are exposing ourselves without their assistance.

So, this is why Partisan Cheese finds it prudent to reveal how Orwell’s sage-like predictions are playing out. Our primary objective is to inform, rather than persuade with hyperbolic and propaganda based writings. It helps us sleep at night knowing that we will have provided concrete information to our users. What is life without facts? Well, it’s living a life of lies. Anyway, I hope that you enjoy our section on Dystopian themes, as we enjoy you being here.

Please check out Part 1 of our series here:


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